Relax, it’s the weekend

For me, weekends are about enjoying meals that I wouldn’t usually be able to have during the week – specifically breakfast and lunch which are usually cold and eaten sat at my desk in work (I do not encourage this!)

Today I have a Saturday at home with no specific plans, so after a lovely yoga class this morning I have just leisurely made and devoured this plate of griddled sourdough, avocado and beef tomato with a poached egg, topped with coriander and fresh chilli and plenty of sea salt and black pepper 🍳🥑🍞

Newcastle bound

Off to Newcastle today for a weekend of relaxing, eating, going to a rugby match (not my choice of activity but I’ll go with it, apparently it’s a big one), and seeing family and friends!

This zingy lime drizzle loaf cake is coming with us. Really simple to make and is lovely to eat cold / at room temperature with a cup of tea or warm with some cream for dessert! Next time I think I will try adding some coconut or spices to add a twist on it (this is usually how my dishes begin!)

Veg leftovers

Using up most of the remaining veg in the fridge before a weekend away – our Friday night dinner is sausages with spicy tomato & pepper cous cous and crispy garlic kale. Now to begin series 2 of line of duty! A bit late to the party but better now than never…

Chocoholic Cookies

Although I live with a chocoholic, we still had plenty of Easter eggs to consume so yesterday I turned various leftover chocolate into these Triple Chocolate Cookies 🍫🍪

They’re very simple to make and a proper squidgy cookie in texture – I personally like them to be quite cakey rather than crisp and biscuit-like, but you could just make them smaller and flatter and leave them in the oven for longer if you wanted to!

Ahimsa – an act of self care


I am extremely pleased to share further details of the Yoga & Lunch workshop which myself and Lianne Daly @flowyogauk are hosting in July at Dunham Massey 🧘🏻‍♀️🥣

Consisting of an arrival drink, a morning flow yoga session, leisurely lunch, and relaxing yin yoga to finish. £50pp with 10% early bird discount when you book before 1st May! ☀️

Please message or email me for any more information ☺️


Tonight I made Spinach Gnudi in Tomato Sauce with Asparagus & Garlic Breadcrumbs.

Gnudi are similar to gnocchi but made with ricotta instead of potato which makes them lighter. They’re simple but quite messy to make, I have learnt through practice of making meatballs / fishcakes / other dumpling style dishes that it’s about being confident enough to handle the wet dough and persevere with it without being tempted to throw more flour in which is what makes them dense and heavy.

Really enjoyed this combination of flavours tonight, it was so tasty and comforting – perfect Sunday evening food!