Sunny salads

Sunny warm weather always makes me crave big cold colourful salads like this one.

Salmon Niçoise: baked salmon fillet and a hard boiled egg served on a bed of baby spinach with tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, olives, red pepper, fresh parsley, a lemon and olive oil dressing and a sprinkling of seeds. Deliciously fresh and just what my body needed!

BBQ Burger Buns

Carrot & Cumin Burger Buns ready for this afternoon’s BBQ 🍔🌭🍻 followed a brilliant Dan Lepard recipe for these and I am pretty pleased with the result!

I love making bread, I find it really satisfying and the taste and texture of a homemade loaf or roll beats anything you can buy in the supermarket!

Relax, it’s the weekend

For me, weekends are about enjoying meals that I wouldn’t usually be able to have during the week – specifically breakfast and lunch which are usually cold and eaten sat at my desk in work (I do not encourage this!)

Today I have a Saturday at home with no specific plans, so after a lovely yoga class this morning I have just leisurely made and devoured this plate of griddled sourdough, avocado and beef tomato with a poached egg, topped with coriander and fresh chilli and plenty of sea salt and black pepper 🍳🥑🍞

Newcastle bound

Off to Newcastle today for a weekend of relaxing, eating, going to a rugby match (not my choice of activity but I’ll go with it, apparently it’s a big one), and seeing family and friends!

This zingy lime drizzle loaf cake is coming with us. Really simple to make and is lovely to eat cold / at room temperature with a cup of tea or warm with some cream for dessert! Next time I think I will try adding some coconut or spices to add a twist on it (this is usually how my dishes begin!)

Spring Salmon Salad

Dinner this evening was a warm salad of sautéed spring greens, pepper, tomatoes, green beans & red onion, topped with a baked salmon fillet garnished with toasted garlic & parsley breadcrumbs and a wedge of lemon.

This was the perfect light meal that I was craving tonight, that made me believe it was actually Spring despite the cold and rainy weather outside!