Glastonbury goodies

Baked these tonight for my other half (a savoury alternative to the obscene amount of confectionary he is also taking with him!) These are cheese, courgette & chilli flapjacks with a hint of marmite and cayenne. Hope they go down well!

Middle Eastern Sunday Dinner

Had such a lovely Sunday afternoon listening to the radio with a glass of wine and preparing this meal for my boyfriend and his friend! A perfect Sunday for me.

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Harissa & Chickpeas, Sweet Potato Wedges with Polenta & Sumac, Cumin Roasted Whole Cauliflower with Green Tahini Sauce.

Herby Hummus

I decided to blend Zhoug (green chilli and herb paste) into my usual Hummus recipe for this weekend’s dinner and it worked really well! It brought just a little bit of heat and a lovely zingy flavour to the dip, without losing its hummus identity.

Classic hummus is delicious, but I like that it can also take on such a wide variety of additional ingredients, allowing you to change it up each time depending on the particular cuisine or style of food you are serving with it.

Supper Club No. 2

This weekend I hosted an autumnal supper club for some lovely friends who were visiting all the way from Newcastle, including my youngest ever dinner party guest – little miss Belle, aged 3!

Little Meze – Herby Hummus, Tzatziki, Olives, Za’atar Spiced Pitta Chips, Toasted Almonds with Sea Salt & Chilli.

Bigger Meze – Chicken Tagine, Giant Cous Cous with Lemon & Mint, Sumac Roasted Potatoes, Feta, Beetroot & Walnut Salad.

Sweet Meze – Tahini & Chocolate Mousse with Pomegranate & Pistachio, & Ghraybeh Biscuits.

All went down very well, and the Welcome / Closing drinks were expertly made by our talented friend, The Long Haired Bartender.

The Pomegranate

Currently in season and a key ingredient in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine, this fruit is beautiful inside and out!

The jewel like seeds are a lovely garnish for pretty much anything: drinks, salads, breakfasts, dips, and a wide range of sweet and savoury plates.

I also love using pomegranate molasses (a syrup formed from the fruit) in savoury dishes to provide just a hint of sweetness, but not too much to detract from the main ingredients and flavours.