Indoor bbq…

Clinging onto summer with an indoor bbq style dinner. Merguez sausages bought at Sale Makers Market on Sunday, served with caramelised red onion alongside fresh white finger rolls courtesy of Roberts Bakery (work!), homemade coleslaw & hummus and a simple mixed salad.

On the menu this week

Dinner last night was a Turkish inspired Chicken, Mushroom & Green Bean Pilaf garnished with fresh parsley, mint, sumac and preserved lemon.

Combining spices of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne and paprika with chilli, garlic, salt, pepper, chicken stock and the gentle flavours of chicken, mushroom and brown basmati rice worked really well as a healthy one pot meal.

It’s the ideal summer comfort food when the weather isn’t so great! The only improvement I would make next time is to use chicken thigh fillets instead of breast for their succulence and deeper flavour.

Heatwave ☀️

Family and friends know how much I struggle in hot weather… so today has been particularly hard! I do love it when the sun is shining, and I know it’s daft to complain about it, but anything above 25 degrees leaves me feeling physically exhausted and, in all honesty, a bit ill 🥵

After a busy day travelling to and from Leeds via train for a work meeting, followed by a yoga class I do my best to never miss, I really wasn’t feeling great and didn’t have much of an appetite for food (a very rare occasion!).

HOWEVER I knew from experience that a nutritious and tasty dinner would help sort me out. A cold shower and this Tuna and Duck Egg Salad with a lemon mustard dressing definitely did help me feel a bit more human! And dining al fresco is always a novelty that is not to be under-appreciated 👌🏼

Glastonbury goodies

Baked these tonight for my other half (a savoury alternative to the obscene amount of confectionary he is also taking with him!) These are cheese, courgette & chilli flapjacks with a hint of marmite and cayenne. Hope they go down well!

We are Family

A perfect summer evening spent with family and friends in my grandparents’ garden. I loved everything about it, from the food preparation over the past few days, to the setting up with my grandma and auntie Christine, to the mingling with our guests over drinks and of course seeing all of the dishes being eaten and enjoyed by my loved ones. Cheers to all of these wonderful people that I am proud to call my relatives 🥂 •

Monday nourishment

After a busy weekend away, Monday evening calls for some nourishing but comforting food. This is a sausage & chickpea tomato bake with mozzarella & parmesan, served with freshly made crusty rolls and a simple green salad.