Sweet Meze Recipe Testing

Tahini & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Brownies. The savoury taste of sesame in the tahini goes so, so well with chocolate – the same way peanut butter does!

I love making brownies and these are one of my favourite recipes so far. Definitely up there on my list for a supper club dessert and/or future market stall!

Supper at Chalet Louis

This week I’ve been away skiing with my family, hence the lack of posts! It has been great for us to have some quality time together, something that is now a rarity besides the odd weekend we all find ourselves at home.

We have had meals served to us every night by our lovely Chalet Host, which has been such a treat after a day on the slopes and has given us all a break from fulfilling our usual dinner duties! I am however really looking forward to getting back into the kitchen in a few days, just in time for Christmas👩🏻‍🍳🎄

Mincemeat Cake

I still had 3/4 of a jar of mincemeat left after making a batch of mince pies and mince pie cheesecake over the last couple of weeks, so decided to use it in a loaf cake – made with light brown sugar and a sprinkling of demerara on top, it’s got a lovely caramel flavour which compliments the warm spices beautifully.

Festive Supper Club

Last night I hosted a Festive Supper Club for a couple of my oldest and closest friends, with dishes that stayed true to my Middle Eastern and Persian style of cooking but with a traditional British Christmassy twist – adding Turkey, Cranberries, Sprouts, Chestnuts and Mince Pies throughout the menu! 

Table laid pre guests arrival
The Menu
Little Meze
– Olives with Chilli & Garlic
– Rosemary & Sea Salt Toasted Almonds
– Harissa & Herb Hummus
– Muhammara: Red Pepper & Pomegranate Dip
– Maneesh: Za’atar Topped Flatbread
Bigger Meze:
– Slow Cooked Turkey with Pomegranate & Walnut
– Persian Style Rice
– Kale, Brussel Sprout & Quinoa Salad with Orange Tahini Dressing
– Sumac Roasted Potatoes
Sweet Meze:
– Chocolate, Chestnut & Cranberry Brownies
– Mince Pie & Orange Cheesecake
with Whipped Cointreau Cream

Leftovers? What leftovers?!

I love finding uses for leftovers – these are a couple of little personalised Herby Sausage Pies made with leftover pastry from yesterday’s batch of mince pies and the extra sausage meat leftover from tonight’s stuffing balls. We’ve just had them as a starter with coleslaw and chutney, went down well with a cold beer!