Post-holiday Post!

It’s taken me a little while to write this blog post since coming back from holiday and resuming the start of a new job, but I have finally gotten around to summarising our food-filled trip to Sardinia. It was a beautiful country to visit – such stunning scenery and a vast range of bars and restaurants for us to try in the capital city of Cagliari.

From the gelato we treated ourselves to on the very first evening, to the seafood feast we devoured on the final night, I was amazed at the quality of the food and drink we were lucky enough to enjoy throughout the week.

We based ourselves initially in Cagliari which is the capital and although is quite a small city, it certainly was buzzing with vibrancy as local residents, students and holidaymakers roamed the streets. It was busy enough without being claustrophobic and overly touristy – the perfect combination for me. 

We had two fine dining meals when we were there at Dal Corsado and Da Marino al St Remy. I have never visited such elegant Italian restaurants before and it was a fabulous experience to taste some familiar flavours executed in a very different way, and also some flavours and textures I had never had before. We also ate some rustic, traditional meals in bistros and bars such as a delicious sausage and cheese pizza, green pesto & breadcrumb pasta, calamari & chips on the beach, and a seafood ‘meze’ in a family run restaurant where the fish / seafood caught that day is the menu! Couldn’t fault any of it, each one was so different and unique but special in their own way.

Next we moved to Costa Rei which is on the South East coast and is a very unspoilt, quiet coastal town with a handful of apartments, hotels, bars and restaurants on a long and beautiful beach. We had visited Cagliari food market on one of our final days there which was incredible, and bought fresh pasta, cheese, herbs, tomatoes, olives, wine and olive oil. We then cooked these ingredients in our Costa Rei apartment and enjoyed a deliciously simple meal on our balcony. The final evening was spent at an elegant seafood restaurant in Costa Rei with some of the freshest fish I have ever had.

I absolutely loved our week in Sardinia and a lot of this was down to the food and drink we enjoyed. I didn’t expect to be eating so much seafood and fish but it felt so right, being close to the sea for most of the time! We also treated ourselves to many refreshing cocktails, beers and glasses of wine along the way!

It was the perfect holiday for us, a mixture of sightseeing, pottering around and relaxing on the beach.  I was sad to return home to reality and a normal routine, but all good things come to an end and I must admit I have enjoyed being back in my own kitchen!

Monday nourishment

After a busy weekend away, Monday evening calls for some nourishing but comforting food. This is a sausage & chickpea tomato bake with mozzarella & parmesan, served with freshly made crusty rolls and a simple green salad.

Birthday Cheesecake

My younger sister turned 21 yesterday and to celebrate we are having a party at my parents’ house with many of our family and friends today. My contribution to the preparations includes this strawberry cheesecake, along with some of my spiced nuts and Parmesan biscuits, and drinking more than my fair share of the champagne! 🎂🥂

Salad Queen

Fact: salads are not boring! 🥗 my family used to jokingly call me a rabbit because I ate so much lettuce / salad in general but I genuinely do love a good salad.

I dislike a limp, lifeless bowl of plain iceberg, cucumber and tomato as much as the next person but when you put a little effort in to making your salad bowl more than just that, it becomes something SO delicious AND nutritious (in the words of m&s) that it’s hard to find something much better.

Tonight I went for a crispy bacon, avocado, tomato salad on a bed of spinach topped with pine nuts 👌🏼

Wednesday Wings

Crispy Spicy Chicken Wings – I’ve spent a bit of time practising these and feel these are about as good as they get. Firstly marinated in a little lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and spices, then pan fried skin side down on a high heat to get them nice and crisp, before covering in a sticky harissa sauce and finishing off the cooking process by roasting in the oven. Voila! Would work equally well with bone in chicken thighs or drumsticks 🍗

Relax, it’s the weekend

For me, weekends are about enjoying meals that I wouldn’t usually be able to have during the week – specifically breakfast and lunch which are usually cold and eaten sat at my desk in work (I do not encourage this!)

Today I have a Saturday at home with no specific plans, so after a lovely yoga class this morning I have just leisurely made and devoured this plate of griddled sourdough, avocado and beef tomato with a poached egg, topped with coriander and fresh chilli and plenty of sea salt and black pepper 🍳🥑🍞