Tonight for dinner I cooked Pan Fried Seabass with a Lemon, Caper & Herb Butter, served with Spring Onion, Garlic & Spinach Mash and Griddled Asaparagus.

So simple, but so delicious! This is the kind of main course that I often choose when I go out to eat, as I think you can really tell how good a restaurant is by the dishes that are the least obviously extravagant. And also because sea bass is my favourite fish!

Al Fresco Lunch

Eating al fresco is just the best. Lunch today is a Tuna Nicoise Salad in the sunshine 🥗🍴☀️ •

I booked today off work to allow myself time to relax and chill after a busy week off, which was so much fun but also pretty tiring. I too often find I am knackered after a ‘holiday’ so I now always try to give myself an extra day off, to catch up on rest and recharge before my usual routine begins again!

Ahimsa – an act of self care


I am extremely pleased to share further details of the Yoga & Lunch workshop which myself and Lianne Daly @flowyogauk are hosting in July at Dunham Massey 🧘🏻‍♀️🥣

Consisting of an arrival drink, a morning flow yoga session, leisurely lunch, and relaxing yin yoga to finish. £50pp with 10% early bird discount when you book before 1st May! ☀️

Please message or email me for any more information ☺️


Tonight I made Spinach Gnudi in Tomato Sauce with Asparagus & Garlic Breadcrumbs.

Gnudi are similar to gnocchi but made with ricotta instead of potato which makes them lighter. They’re simple but quite messy to make, I have learnt through practice of making meatballs / fishcakes / other dumpling style dishes that it’s about being confident enough to handle the wet dough and persevere with it without being tempted to throw more flour in which is what makes them dense and heavy.

Really enjoyed this combination of flavours tonight, it was so tasty and comforting – perfect Sunday evening food!

Sunday Stretch

Yoga is a massive part of my life now, and I try to get to at least 2 classes a week depending on my schedule. This is me taking advantage of an empty studio at my gym and getting a bit of self practice in today!

I have my regular yoga teacher Lianne to thank for showing me how amazing yoga can be for the body and mind, and I’m really excited to be planning a summer yoga & meze event with her at the moment! Stay tuned for further details… ☺️

Nostalgic Sunday Bake

Yesterday I baked these Orange & Cranberry Flapjacks which will be great as a mid-morning or afternoon snack throughout the week (or even breakfast!).

They’re darker in colour than a typical flapjack due to using dark brown sugar, which also makes them taste quite caramel-like. There’s also some marmalade in there which adds to the slightly bittersweet flavour, which I personally really like as my taste for sugar has lessened over the years!

I haven’t made flapjacks in so long, it was nice to create one of my favourite childhood treats with a bit of a twist!

Fresh Pesto

Look at that colour 😍 worth making from scratch for the colour alone, but the fresh, vibrant flavour is also incredible! Will be serving this later as part of our dinner when our friends from Lincoln come to visit us. Saturday morning spent very happily in the kitchen! 👩🏻‍🍳