No Bake Bread

Tonight’s dinner was Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Pasta, which demanded a side of Garlic Bread!

These instant flatbreads are so quick and easy to make – the ‘dough’ is just self raising flour mixed with plain yoghurt and a little baking powder, and there is barely any kneading and absolutely no proving time required.

They’re simply pan fried in a griddle pan on both sides then brushed with a garlic herb butter, and voila!

Brownie Points

Earning a lot of brownie points from my work colleagues at the moment for continually bringing in baked goods for them to sample!

Today this is literally the case as the office treats are full size versions of one of the Sweet Meze dishes that feature on my Winter Supper Club menu – Tahini & Halva Brownies.

These are so moreish, it’s very easy to eat several of them before you realise you’ve had way too much chocolate / sugar in one go!

Supper Club Dessert (or breakfast!)

Tonight I am having 3 of my best girlfriends over for dinner to be the first guests to try my Winter Supper Club menu. Just finished one of the desserts that will be served as part of the Sweet Meze course – Winter Spiced Pear & Ginger Cheesecake, topped with orange zest, flaked almonds and a dusting of ‘snow’ aka icing sugar. I wouldn’t be a proper cook if I didn’t taste my food before serving it… therefore have just enjoyed a piece with a cup of tea for breakfast. It is also the weekend! Now to work out how best to slice and serve it…

Andddd relax

Relaxing after a very busy week at work with one of my favourite winter G&Ts – @whitleyneillgin with a garnish of orange, star anise & cloves. Enjoying it in one of my favourite gin glasses too, a souvenir from my beloved hometown!

Just one more handful…

One of the Little Meze dishes that will appear on my Winter Supper Club in a few weeks time (and probably every menu after that because they are so popular and more-ish!)

These are my Roasted Spiced Nuts. Simply cooked with a little oil, a drizzle of honey and seasoning. Once you have one handful, it’s very very difficult to resist another!

Wednesday Date Night

My boyfriend and I had a lovely evening at the Kanassa Kitchen Supper Club held at Ancoats Coffee in Manchester last night! With all courses being vegan, and all but one being gluten free, it really did cater for anyone. Despite not being vegan myself, I thoroughly enjoyed all five dishes (so much so that I only remembered to take pictures of two of them!)