Ripe figs

As many will already know, I love using up ripe fruit and veg that are hanging around. Yesterday I used four overripe figs to make a Fig & Almond Cake with a crunchy, nutty, sugary topping.

I followed a basic cake recipe but made some tweaks as I went along – namely the addition of ground almonds, cinnamon and almond milk, only using one egg (didn’t have any more and I was too far into the process by this point to realise and go out for more!) and substituting butter for vegetable oil which I often like to use in cakes.

I was worried it wouldn’t rise and end up quite dense but it worked really well and tastes lovely according to my guinea pigs (parents!) It has made quite a soft cake that is difficult to slice up neatly, but our plan is to have it for pudding later with cream / custard and fruit compote so perfect slices are not necessary!