Heatwave ☀️

Family and friends know how much I struggle in hot weather… so today has been particularly hard! I do love it when the sun is shining, and I know it’s daft to complain about it, but anything above 25 degrees leaves me feeling physically exhausted and, in all honesty, a bit ill 🥵

After a busy day travelling to and from Leeds via train for a work meeting, followed by a yoga class I do my best to never miss, I really wasn’t feeling great and didn’t have much of an appetite for food (a very rare occasion!).

HOWEVER I knew from experience that a nutritious and tasty dinner would help sort me out. A cold shower and this Tuna and Duck Egg Salad with a lemon mustard dressing definitely did help me feel a bit more human! And dining al fresco is always a novelty that is not to be under-appreciated 👌🏼

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