Bigger Meze

Tonight I was on my own for dinner and made this Greek Style Cod & Roasted Veg, with some crusty bread on the side.

The cod fillet was firstly dipped in lemon, oil and butter then in a mix of flour, seasoning and spices, before being seared in a pan and baked in the oven with a parsley garnish.

A very simple meal for one but the fish could easily be scaled up for however many people you’re cooking for. I think this dish would also work well as part of a meze / tapas style meal alongside a few other prawn, meat and veggie ones.

My idea for the future is to develop a sharing style menu that includes Little Meze (appetisers / starters), Bigger Meze (small plates for ordering a few of to have as a main course) then Sweet Meze (a selection of desserts served in smaller portions so you can each have more than one without fighting over who has stolen another person’s spoonful!)


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