I love flicking through recipe books whenever I’m looking for some food inspiration – I’m forever looking up recipes and ideas online too which is also brilliant, but it doesn’t beat reading an actual cook book and having one open in front of you when getting creative in the kitchen, even if they do end up a little decorated in sauces or dusted in flour (or worse if you are like me and particularly clumsy!) I have quite a good collection in my cupboard, but when I was finalising my concept for the brand, I realised I actually didn’t own any that was specifically about Middle Eastern cuisine.

Researching the highest recommended ones over the last couple of weeks led me to purchase ‘Feasts’ by Sabrina Ghayour. I arrived home from work to my amazon delivery today and have spent the best part of an hour looking through all of the dishes and meals she has put together, drooling over the pictures and flavour combinations – can’t wait to start trying them out ASAP as they sound incredible. I love the design of the book cover too… although I do try not to judge books by their covers, this one is just too attractive not to!
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