What is ‘Meze’?


This is a simple definition of what the concept of meze is. The word originated from Turkey, literally translating as ‘appetisers’ and from the Persian word ‘masa’ which means ‘to relish’.

Similar to the Spanish concept of tapas, it is all about sharing a selection of small plates of food, meaning everyone at the table can have a little bit of what they fancy.

Besides adoring the flavours of the cuisines that are associated with meze, this is what I enjoy most about it – being able to try lots of different foods at once!

Typically, meze is served at the start of a meal and would come either before or in place of a starter, which would then be followed by a main course.

However (and I don’t think I’m alone with this) – I always find the meze course the best bit and end up filling myself up on the wide range of dishes put in front of me, leaving not much room for anything else!

This blog will be a platform for me to explore my love of the Greek, Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisines. I want to refine the dishes that I am used to making already, as well as experiment with new cooking techniques and dishes that I am yet to try.

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