I have been very into food and cooking since I was a teenager, but my passion for it really grew once I’d finished university and moved into my own flat, where I had the freedom to cook as often as I wanted and whatever I wanted!

Since then, I’ve learnt a great deal about different cooking techniques, through watching pretty much every cooking programme there is on TV, reading books and online articles, and practicing in my kitchen as much as I can.

I love nothing more than spending the majority of a weekend in the kitchen preparing food for friends and family, who have become my guinea pigs every time I want to experiment a little! The joy I get from making a meal and serving it to the people I care most about is a feeling like no other.

I enjoy all cuisines, but my favourite dishes include those that are influenced by Greece and the Middle East, hence the title of my brand ‘Meze & More’. Although technically the word ‘meze’ refers to a selection of hot and cold small plates served at the beginning of a meal in these countries, I don’t think it has to mean just that. In the same way that the Spanish have tapas for lunch and/or dinner, I love laying a table full of different dishes which everyone can help themselves to and eat as much or as little as they want.

This blog is a platform for me to share my experiences of cooking and eating Greek, Middle Eastern and Turkish foods that all contribute to the concept of Meze (and more!)

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